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Using unlicensed business software? The risks are greater than ever

In a previous blog entry we described the serious risks associated with using unlicensed business software. It's one of our most popular posts, and for good reason: unlicensed software penalties for Australian companies increased by 100 percent in 2017.

Some notable points from industry press:

Italian military switching to LibreOffice on 100,000 computers

Late in 2015, the Italian military announced a large-scale plan to migrate from Microsoft Office to LibreOffice. Perhaps most notable is the sheer scale of the move—involving 100,000 desktop computers across the army, navy, and air force.

Microsoft's upgrade treadmill hits a new low

Microsoft is arguably the technology industry's greatest proponent of vendor lock-in. Their business model is predicated on customer dependence on Microsoft products, and associated forced and unnecessary upgrades—usually at astronomical expense. It's a practice that Microsoft has perfected through years of monopoly behaviour—and subscription-only services such as Office 365 are truly redefining what it means to be tied to a single vendor.

How to convert Microsoft Word files to ODF format

While LibreOffice has outstanding support for Microsoft Office file formats, one of the best possible steps a business can take towards ensuring a successful switch to LibreOffice is to convert Microsoft Office files to OpenDocument Format (ODF). Standardising on ODF for editable business documents—and converting existing Microsoft Office files to ODF—leads to a long-term sustained cost savings.

Microsoft to force Office 2019 customers into Windows 10

The past few days have seen two major announcements in the world of business office software. First, LibreOffice 6 has been released bringing with it many incredible office productivity features for low (or no) cost. Second, Microsoft has announced that the next version of its competing product—Microsoft Office 2019—will only be available for Windows 10.

Introducing LibreOffice 6

In exciting news for businesses and consumers, LibreOffice 6 is out now—the latest major version of the world's leading open source office software suite. Version 6 ships with a tonne of amazing features; let's highlight a few below.

City of Barcelona to replace Microsoft Office with LibreOffice

As reported recently by multiple news sources, the City of Barcelona has announced plans to replace Microsoft Office with LibreOffice on thousands of its computers.

NZ businesses: invest in technology to offset the minimum wage increase

Changes planned by New Zealand's coalition government to increase the minimum wage to $20 over three years will present challenges for the small and medium-size business (SMB) sector. Extra financial pressure means SMBs need to identify funding sources to absorb the change—but simply passing costs onto customers risks lost sales, decreased revenues, and a weakened competitive position that may ultimately jeopardise the existence of many companies.

How to create a mail merge with LibreOffice

A mail merge is a terrific way of quickly generating bulk personalised letters—and mail merges are fully supported in LibreOffice. To make the process super-easy, we've created an address data source template that you can use in combination with our three-part mail merge video tutorial. In a matter of minutes you'll be creating your own high-quality business mailouts.

Replace Microsoft Visio with LibreOffice for network diagrams

For businesses looking to create professional-grade diagrams and charts, LibreOffice Draw is a fantastic, no-cost replacement for Microsoft Visio. Draw is included in the LibreOffice suite of open source business applications, and with Microsoft Visio costing close to US$600.00—for installation on a single PC only—it's the perfect alternative.


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