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Watermarks template for LibreOffice Writer

Customers using LibreOffice in business environments may wish to insert various standard watermarks in their text documents. Creating watermarks in LibreOffice Writer usually involves a degree of advance setup—but once prepared, watermarks can be easily inserted using page styles. has a brand-new desktop app

It's a good time to be using for your business website—and the good times just got even better with a completely new, open source desktop app.

While WordPress already features a comprehensive, easy-to-use web interface for managing every aspect of your website, the new desktop app ships with a range of enhancements—including real-time editing updates, drag-and-drop image upload directly into posts, and super-fast performance. or WordPress self-hosted?

While working with a small business client recently on migrating a legacy website to, we were asked if using WordPress with a third-party host would be a better option. As discussed in a previous blog entry, "WordPress" can mean either the open source software that powers your website, or, the website hosting service offered by the company that develops the WordPress software itself (available at

Using PDF as a non-editable business document standard

In a previous blog post, we highlighted how proprietary fonts keep businesses locked-in to using expensive Microsoft products—and how using openly-licensed fonts is an effective remedy. In this blog entry, we'll examine how the common practice of exchanging documents in editable format—when there is no actual reason to do so—similarly creates a hurdle for businesses looking to replace Microsoft Office with LibreOffice.

Teachers and students are always eligible for LibreOffice

You may often see Microsoft advertising their Office 365 productivity suite as being free for teachers and students... with a certain "eligibility" caveat:

A design professor on replacing Apple and Adobe with open alternatives

We recently discovered an excellent article published by Brent Patterson (Assistant Professor of Design at State University of New York College at Buffalo) describing how open hardware and software have replaced the use of proprietary tools in both his creative process and approach to teaching.

Scribus: powerful open source desktop publishing

For businesses needing to produce content such as brochures, newsletters, posters and business cards, software options have typically fallen on either Microsoft Publisher, or Adobe InDesign. Publisher is strictly entry-level, underpowered for professional use, ships with proprietary file formats—and is only available as part of a costly Microsoft Office bundle.

Mozilla Thunderbird 38 takes aim at Microsoft Outlook

With the release of Mozilla Thunderbird version 38, businesses have an increasingly compelling alternative to Microsoft's costly, proprietary Outlook email client. Thunderbird 38 features integrated calendaring and tasks management – previously offered via the Lightning add-on, but now part of the core Thunderbird experience.

This elevates Thunderbird's already powerful email capabilities into an application which can centrally manage your personal information. In addition:

The big 5.0 is here: Introducing LibreOffice version 5

This week saw the release of LibreOffice 5—the latest major version of the world's leading open source office productivity suite.


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