UK government forges ahead moving to open standards and open source

In an update to last year's UK government announcement mandating open standards for all document file formats (replacing Microsoft Office and Google Drive as contenders), work is proceeding apace – with several government departments now publishing documents in the ODF format used by LibreOffice.

LibreOffice Online – and in the cloud

In an exciting development (hot on the heels of Document Freedom Day), Collabora Productivity recently announced LibreOffice Online – a new edition of LibreOffice hosted directly in the cloud.

The Importance of Document Open Standards

Today we're celebrating Document Freedom Day—a global event raising awareness of the importance of open standards for document interchange and storage. If you've never considered the role open and industry standards play in a business environment—and why incumbent products such as Microsoft Office and Google Drive are a questionable solution for many use cases—then read on.

Google Drive now supports LibreOffice file formats

Google recently announced ODF support for its Google Drive cloud office productivity suite. ODF is the OpenDocument file format – an internationally-standardised format for office productivity documents. While many competing office software suites make use of ODF, LibreOffice is the leading product using ODF today.

OpenShot – zero cost video production for Ubuntu

Customers looking to produce simple videos in-house typically may turn to apps such as iMovie on Apple's OS X. For businesses looking to make the switch to Ubuntu, we can wholeheartedly recommend a fantastic alternative in OpenShot. It more than lives up to the claim of being powerful and easy-to-use, and features a terrific selection of high-quality editing and effects tools geared for rapid video production.

LibreOffice 4.4 arrives with a fresh new look

Brand-spanking new and available now, LibreOffice version 4.4 is out and packed with excellent features – including a refreshed look and feel. A new "flat" icon set is available, toolbars have been optimised for ease-of-use, and the sidebar has also been reworked. The result is the slickest-looking LibreOffice yet:

What can SMEs expect from Microsoft Windows 10?

LibreOffice gains support for mobile devices

LibreOffice's rapid growth and adoption as the premier business office productivity suite has reached an exciting new phase with the release of LibreOffice Viewer. Developed by Collabora Productivity (the company behind LibreOffice from Collabora), LibreOffice Viewer allows documents, spreadsheets, and presentations to be viewed on Android-powered smartphones and tablets using a clean, easy-to-navigate interface optimised for touch screens.

Ubuntu features great business printing support

A common concern business owners have around making the switch from Microsoft Windows or Apple macOS to Ubuntu is the level of printer support. Printing, scanning, and photocopying are critically important for businesses, and switching to an alternative operating system (OS) is considered impractical without full support for these features.

Apple Mac and the risks of closed computer designs

"Should I buy a Mac?" – it's one question clients regularly ask us. With the beginning of a new year many business owners will be looking to upgrade their computers, so it's a good time to share our advice and perspectives on the issue.


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