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Debunking the ongoing Linux usability myth

Pat Pilcher, writing for the New Zealand Herald today outlined alternative operating system (OS) choices in the face of Windows XP's imminent end of life. It's a useful article, and touches on the options available for migrating off the Windows platform altogether.

The best defence against CryptoLocker?

CryptoLocker is certainly one of the most concerning pieces of malicious software produced in recent years. Most likely developed by organised criminal enterprises, CryptoLocker works by using industry-standard data encryption technology to completely prevent access to your files and and folders.

Choosing open source for your business website

We've recently advised several small businesses and startups on recommended CMS products for website hosting. We'd like to share some of our thoughts with you in this blog entry.

City of Munich ditches Microsoft Windows and Office

TechRepublic UK recently reported on the successful conclusion of the City of Munich's massive, multi-year project to migrate to free and open source software. The article makes for compelling reading due to the sheer scale of the migration (Munich is Germany's third largest city), and the factors which ultimately lead to open source replacing the proprietary status quo.

How not to future proof your business

We recently spotted an article authored by Debbie Mayo-Smith in the New Zealand Herald titled "Future proof your business". The gist of the piece is how businesses can use nominally free or affordable technology tools and services to improve the efficiency of business processes.

France's Ministry of the Interior enjoys massive savings with open source

In what will be reassuring news for small businesses interested in making the switch to open source, France's Ministry of the Interior has announced cost savings on the order of five times cheaper in switching to the Mozilla Thunderbird business email client:

Apple Mail on Mac OS X Mavericks breaks badly with Gmail

Apple has recently released the latest update to Mac OS X, codenamed Mavericks. Unfortunately, in the past 24 hours many Apple customers have learned that the included update to Apple Mail results in severe problems specifically when connecting to Google Gmail accounts. This includes businesses using paid Google Apps for Business accounts for email hosting.

The issues encountered are being widely reported online. For example:

Kaiten Mail: awesome mobile email for Android

Many reputable tech industry publications have recently reported that Google is set to introduce advertising in their mobile Gmail client. Unlike most of Google's other consumer-focused services, the Gmail client for tablets and smartphones has thankfully remained free of intrusive advertising.

Cool tools: Conversations extension for Thunderbird

One of the many benefits of Thunderbird is the freedom of choice it affords users. Perhaps nowhere is this more evident than in Thunderbird's strong extensions ecosystem.—still not (quite) fit for business email

Earlier this year Microsoft launched their free email service. We blogged at the time that it was largely unsuitable as a business email solution. This was because Microsoft had failed to implement modern technology standards to support the safe use of standalone email apps with email accounts. As we originally wrote:


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