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Remote control LibreOffice slideshow presentations

In today's feature highlight we're going to check out the LibreOffice Impress Remote app. It enables full remote control of your LibreOffice Impress slideshow presentations from the comfort and convenience of your personal Android or iOS-powered smartphone. Once installed, connect over Wi-Fi or a Bluetooth and swipe through presentation slides using intuitive touch-based gestures. Here's a brief demonstration video with the app running on an inexpensive Android device (with apologies for the video quality):

The app features a handy grid-style slide layout for jumping to a particular slide. Any notes made under slides in Impress running on the desktop are synced to the mobile app:

Other features include a built-in timer and a virtual laser pointer; with the latter enabled, you can use touch gestures to drag the virtual pointer around the slide:

LibreOffice Impress Remote is available for zero cost from Android and iOS app stores.