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Replace Microsoft Visio with LibreOffice for network diagrams

For businesses looking to create professional-grade diagrams and charts, LibreOffice Draw is a fantastic, no-cost replacement for Microsoft Visio. Draw is included in the LibreOffice suite of open source business applications, and with Microsoft Visio costing close to US$600.00—for installation on a single PC only—it's the perfect alternative.

Engineering and IT services companies will be particularly interested in a free gallery of technology-themed icons for Draw from Australian firm VRT Systems. Over 200 beautifully-designed icons are available in vector format (resulting in perfect fidelity at any scale), with a selection covering networking, communications, computing, visualisation, energy management, industrial automation, and more:

The icons are provided as a single LibreOffice extension for super-easy installation.

Between this outstanding resource and Draw's comprehensive feature set (including Microsoft Visio file format import compatibility), businesses have all they need to produce top-quality content—without needing Visio.

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