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How to convert Microsoft Word files to ODF format

While LibreOffice has outstanding support for Microsoft Office file formats, one of the best possible steps a business can take towards ensuring a successful switch to LibreOffice is to convert Microsoft Office files to OpenDocument Format (ODF). Standardising on ODF for editable business documents—and converting existing Microsoft Office files to ODF—leads to a long-term sustained cost savings. This is achieved through a drastic reduction in time-consuming document interoperability problems, removing the dependence on expensive Microsoft Office software, and enabling the widest possible choice of business office software for true future-proofing. LibreOffice uses ODF by default, and you can read more about the business benefits of migrating to ODF in The Importance of Document Open Standards.

Fortunately, using LibreOffice to convert Microsoft Office documents to ODF is quick and easy. We've created two brief video screencasts that demonstrate the two respective conversion methods you can use, pertaining specifically to converting Microsoft Word-format files.