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Microsoft dropping support for Office 2007

In October 2017, Microsoft will formally cease support for Microsoft Office 2007—including all bug fixes and security updates. As we blogged at the time of Office 2003's end of support, businesses using Office 2007 without this safety net of regular updates can similarly expect the software to transform into a critical and disruptive IT security problem. Additionally, Office 2007 will eventually cease to run on newer computers, leading to expensive forced hardware and software upgrades.

Microsoft is typically advising businesses to upgrade to the latest Office versions, such as Office 2016 and the subscription-based Office 365. Unfortunately, this advice leaves businesses exposed to:

LibreOffice is the perfect business office software upgrade path from Office 2007. It's packed with all the features found in Microsoft Office—and as noted by industry press contains additional perks not found anywhere else. By using LibreOffice's outstanding support for Microsoft Office file formats—superior to Microsoft's own support in many cases—businesses can protect their existing investment in Office 2007 without being railroaded into expensive software upgrades: in most cases, LibreOffice will open Office 2007 documents seamlessly.

Assessing LibreOffice doesn't involve talking to a sales person or a time-limited trial; simply download and install the software, completely free of charge, and for unrestricted business and home use. To ensure a successful company-wide upgrade from Office 2007, Apertura Designs offers migration services, training, and support. Please contact us for more information.