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Dell offers beautiful, high-end PCs powered by Ubuntu

Since we first blogged about Dell's move to offer Ubuntu-powered computers, their lineup has gone from strength to strength. 2017 marks a high point, with Dell releasing powerful, high-end desktop and laptop systems to outstanding reviews. These new products are intended for professional use—such as digital content creation or engineering—and feature high speed storage, substantial processing capability, powerful graphics cards, and ultra-high resolution displays. Because Ubuntu is zero-cost, customers buying Dell computers with it pre-installed benefit from a cost savings through not having to pay for Windows.

Here's a summary of reviews from The Next Web and ZDNet on the Dell Precision 5520 laptop:

  • "The Dell Precision 5520 is . . . drop-dead gorgeous. Perhaps the best part of the Precision 5520 is its gorgeous InfinityEdge display . . . the end result is a machine that looks svelte and ridiculously streamlined."
  • ". . . you won’t see the type of irritating [Windows] shovelware found on its consumer offerings. It’s a blissful, McAfee[antivirus software]-free zone."
  • "Buying the Dell Precision 5520 with Windows 10 will set you back an extra $101.39."
  • "[Ubuntu] is far more secure than Windows, where you can hardly blink these days without running into ransomware."

Ars Technica reviewed the Dell Precision 7520, which received a prestigious Ars Technica Approved award:

  • "The Xeon processor in the machine I tested handled everything I ever threw at it without breaking a sweat."

ZDNet also reviewed the Dell Precision 5720 all-in-one—perfect for businesses looking to consolidate a display and computer into a single, streamlined enclosure:

  • "If you want a kick-rump-and-take-names desktop for serious graphics or development work, you want the Dell 5720 AIO workstation. In a word, it's fast."
  • "With its included Dell Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, the entire computer requires only one wire -- its power cord -- to work."
  • "The 5720 has all the power you'll need for any Linux project. This really is the ultimate Linux workstation."

We're excited to see what Dell has planned next for Ubuntu. And remember, Ubuntu runs just great on any computer hardware—even your existing systems.

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