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Kiwi businesses: how to change from Vodafone email

With Vodafone New Zealand announcing the shutdown of their email hosting service, businesses have until November 2017 to look for alternatives.

Apertura Designs is available to assist your business with switching from Vodafone email accounts to FastMail.

FastMail email accounts include:

  • Large amounts of storage space
  • Business-grade spam filtering
  • Full calendaring and contacts
  • No advertising, and a focus on privacy (unlike Gmail—where your personal data is harvested for advertising)
  • Business-grade support
  • Beautiful mobile apps for Android and iOS
  • Full support for Mozilla Thunderbird and Microsoft Outlook

In addition, Apertura Designs can set your business up to use a full domain name for email addresses. Not only does this convey a professional brand appearance to potential customers, it future-proofs your organisation going forward.

If you're a kiwi business using email accounts from Vodafone, ihug, Paradise, or Clear, let us help you make the switch.